PSUV to Work with Undecided Voters for 2012 Primaries

Caracas, Sep 14. -President Hugo Chavez called on members of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) to intensify their work with undecided voters while seeking a successful re-election in the primaries of Oct. 2012.The PSUV has to secure more than 60 percent of votes in order to maintain achievements reached in the late 12 years, Chavez told the Venezolana de Television channel.

According to Chavez, the government is working on a next 6-year program, which will continue the first national socialist plan and include new initiatives on social, economic, political, national, international, energy, and food issues.

Chavez also welcomed the decision of the National Electoral Council to hold the 2012 presidential elections on Oct. 7, regional in Dec., and local in Apr. 2013.

Recent opinion polls awarded Chavez with 58 percent of intended votes for the upcoming elections. (Prensa Latina)