[:es]Santa Cruz del Sur people carries on sanitation actions.[:]

Santa Cruz del Sur, Jun 27.- Popular councils in this municipality keep doing sanitation actions as a part of Health Operation, aimed to avoid Aedes Aegypti mosquito consequences.

More cooperation from settlers of this land is needed to accomplish home and community cleans ups, taking into account current rainfalls, a risk factor for vectorial proliferation.

It is scheduled to develop these actions up to June 30th. They are certified by Hygiene and Epidemiology workers in each district.

Home cleans ups have come out on top action in the southernmost region of Camagüey, that is why it requires to systematize this work to start Summer with a favourable epidemiology situation.

To emphasize the supervisory focal and to provide necessary information to people will bring about successful actions in this second stage of the intensive strategy.

Multi-sectoral approach of Health Action in Santa Cruz del Sur as well as the active involvement of southern citizens will granteed their well-being.[:]