US Poverty Level Reaches 17-Year Record High

Washington, Sep 14. -Poverty rate in the United States rose to 15.1 percent during 2010, the highest in seventeen years, according to the latest figures released by the federal government. Some 46.2 million people in this country are considered lacking basic items, 2.6 million people more than in 2009, when the index was 14.3 percent.

The world''s largest business website CNNMoney commented that as the economy tries to move out of recession, many US families were left under poverty line last year.

These latest figures represent the worst since 1993.

According to analyst Paul Osterman, these results are no surprise, considering the current employment data and the tough time we are going through.

The Congressional Budget Office updates poverty figures every year based on inflationary variables.

According to the US central government a family of four reaches poverty level with an income lower than 22,300 USD a year, and individuals are poor when they earn less than 11,140 USD a year. (Prensa Latina)