Caribbean Online Space for Cuban Five

Caribbean Online Space for Cuban Five Port Spain, Oct 8. -in the 34th anniversary of the crime in the Cuban plane in Barbados in 1976, Jamaican professor Norman Girvan opened a space in the web for Caribbeans to join the demand for the release of the Cuban Five, now in several prisons in the US.

In a letter addressed to the US President Barack Obama, the one signing the letter appealed for Obama to use his powers to order the release of the Cuban Five immediately.

They hope President Obama intervenes and orders the liberation of the Cuban Five, stopping this injustice and restoring confidence in the US judicial system.

"We need to believe the struggle against terrorism is just against terrorism, not to jail those who fight against terrorism. The Cuban Five deserve to be let them go to their families and keep on being productive members of their respective societies," he stated.

The letter is signed by Norman Girvan, Senator David Abdullah, Joseph Remy, Richard Crawford and other significant personalities of the Caribbean. (Prensa Latina)