Global Mortality for Newly Born Increases

Washington, Sept 1. -The mortality rate for children under five years of age was reduced at global level, but estimates said mortality for the newly born increased because of problems without solution, said a study published in the specialized magazine PloS Medicine on Thursday.

The investigation was developed by an international team and showed that the rate of children dying before four weeks of life is greater now than in 1990.

In less developed countries, particularly in Africa, deaths are due to the increase of premature births, asphyxia at the moment of birth, severe infections and pneumonias, the investigation said.

Most of the cases could be easily prevented, but all indications are that they will keep on growing, said the investigators.

Great progress has been made in the prevention of non-neonatal death (starting from the first month of life) due to infectious diseases such as diahrrea or the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. (Prensa Latina)