Cuban film Sumbe is being screened in Southern Camaguey

The Cuban film Sumbe, related to the Angola epic deed is being screened in these days at the Najasa Theatre in Southern Camaguey. Produced by Eduardo Moya, this film embraces dramatic moments in the life of a group of Cuban civil collaborators who were doing their jobs in that place.

This time it would not be the military representatives of the island the leading figures of such events. It would be a group of Cuban men with scant military preparation facing a strong UNITA squad, counterrevolutionary Angolan organization hoping to take Sumbe locality to annihilate the Cuban men and the locals that stood there.

Doctors, construction workers, teachers and many others working in the small Angolan town were the actors of facts events that would subscribe among the most transcendental and heroic moments written by the Cuban internationalists in lands of that brother country.

Regular and supportive Cuban citizens who did not hesitate to take arms, not even having the least knowledge of war craft, and they were able to stop the numerous counterrevolutionary UNITA squad. 

It is a tribute paid to those who lead such deeds, and to those who marched with no other idea that giving their contribution for the liberation of that twin people all along the internationalist Cuban mission in Angola.

Sumbe, as its related films is a great tribute of the Cuban filmography to those men and women who proved their courage there, to those who honorably fell in the fulfillment of their duty, and to all the people that did their bit in the liberation of Angola.

Sumbe is a tribute to history and its leading figures. (Hugo Betancourt Mayoral/ Radio Santa Cruz)