Solidarity Drive with Cuban Five Starts in Eastern Cuba

Solidarity Drive with Cuban Five Starts in Eastern Cuba Pinar del Río, Cuba, Aug 13. – Young residents of Pinar del Rio province, in eastern Cuba, have started a month-long solidarity drive with The Five anti-terrorist Cuban fighters, who have been unfairly held in US prisons since 1998.The initiative backs efforts made by local and foreign movements demanding the release of Ramon Labanino, Antonio Guerrero, Rene Gonzalez, Gerardo Hernandez and Fernando Gonzalez, known as The Cuban Five.

They were arrested for warning Cuba of terrorist actions planned by anti-Cuban groups based in US territory.

Gatherings in workplaces and schools will be held through September 13 to further spread the cause of The Cuban Five and actions carried out to demand their release, local TV informed.

The initiative also includes childrenâ�Ös messages painted on different formats dedicated to The Cuban Five, explained Luis Alberto Vega, a leader of the Young Communist League.

Students and workers will gather here also to back the struggle for world peace and denounce the US militaristic policy and hostility against Cuba, said Vega.(Prensa Latina)