Korea: More Tension due to Seoul’s Largest-Ever Drills

Korea: More Tension due to Seoul's Largest-Ever DrillsSeoul, Dec 24. -The South Korean army on Thursday again demonstrated its power to the North by carrying out maneuvers with air and land forces in a zone near the common border, aggravating tensions on the peninsula.

Anti-tank missiles, helicopters, multiple rocket launchers and fighter aircraft were used in the war games, military sources said.

Nearly 800 soldiers participated in the maneuvers, described as the largest-ever in the history of the country and carried out on firing ranges in Pocheon, Gyeonggi province.

Today's drills were preceded by a live-fire maneuver that took place on Monday on Yongphyong Island, scene of the armed event on November 23 that increased tensions in the peninsula and described by Pyongyang as a provocation incited by the Unites States.

Five days later, Seoul began a series of military operations that the forces of the Pentagon supported with the presence of the aircraft carrier the George Washington. (Prensa Latina)