Correa Presides over Expanded Cabinet Meeting

Quito, Jul 14. -President Rafael Correa on Thursday will preside over his first expanded cabinet meeting, which will include representatives of 21 social organizations that supported the reforms approved by a referendum in May.Those organizations intend to participate directly in the process the State is carrying out to reform its structures and create the public policies of the Citizen's Revolution project.

The Minister for the Coordination of Policies, Doris Soliz, said Correa, along with his cabinet ministers and aides, would meet with those groups every three months.

During the meeting today at the palace of government, eight social leaders will present their proposals on justice, safety and gender, a social and solidarity-based economy, agrarian revolution, health, education, and housing.

"Discussing the work of government ministries with social organizations is crucial for the government to assess public policy," Solis commented. (Prensa Latina)