Cuba to Attend World Conference on HIV

Cuba to Attend World Conference on HIVHavana, Jul 2. -Cuban experts will participate in the Sixth Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention to be held in Italy from 17 to 20 July, the most important scientific event in this area of research.

We hope to learn about the latest therapeutic and physiopathogenic innovations and the latest knowledge on this condition and make it available in the country, told Prensa Latina, Dr. Jorge Perez Avila, director of the Institute of Tropical Medicine "Pedro Kouri" (IPK ).

There will always be something new, but what many hope, a cure for AIDS, that is not yet possible, said Perez Avila, and reiterated that so far there is no cure for this sexually transmitted infection. The day will come, and perhaps the cure comes in the field of therapy, not by the vaccine, but can also be combined.

Perez Avila noted that the cure is not simple, it takes years of observation and study, hence we should continue to live with the disease, which can be avoided.

Perez Avila recalled that AIDS kills, so people have to be aware of it, because although there are treatments and infection is a treatable disease today, there are risks.

Each person must be responsible for their sexuality and sexual health, "so far the state has faced the attention of those with HIV and AIDS patients, but the nation can not take over the reckless attitudes of many individuals," noted Perez Avila.

All the Cubans affected by the disease receive free medical services, but tests and medications that are distributed are expensive, the world and Cuba are experiencing an economic crisis, so we must be aware, he said. (Prensa Latina)