France Wants European Coordination on Nuclear Energy

France Wants European Coordination on Nuclear EnergyParis, Jun 6. -Energy Minister Eric Besson on Monday demanded a coordinated effort by all European counterparts on the nuclear energy issue, after Germany decided to close its 17 nuclear plants.

On Sunday, after a survey showed that 62 percent of the French people want the progressive elimination of nuclear energy, Besson said that would be an expensive and difficult option.

Last week, Besson announced that he would meet on June 9 with all industries and individuals involved to analyze the effects of the drought and of the German decision.

According to Besson, the German decision could have a short-term impact because France exports and imports electricity from Germany.

"This decision comes inthe summer, just when the drought is increasing the need for more energy", Besson said.

Meanwhile, French environmentalists celebrated Germanyâ�Ös decision to shut down all its nuclear plants by 2022 at the very latest, and insisted on the need to hold a referendum in this country to find a solution.

However, the French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said last Monday that he respected Germanyâ�Ös decision, but France would not make the same decision. (Prensa Latina)