Nicotine poisoning. What for?

Nicotine poisoning. What for?We wake up this May 31 with the call to not to smoke, and yet millions of people in the planet keep clinging to that vice, losing health, killing their lives between smoke and nicotine, affecting passive smokers, in parks, work places, homes, in any indoor or outdoor site, without paying a penny for that, but taking years away from the calendar without even knowing it.  

All the people in Cuba carrying a box of cigarettes in their pockets do not comply with the agreement passed by the Executive Committee of Council of Ministers with the purpose of avoiding cigarettes to be lighted up in closed public places.

We do not judge those having this harmful vice; we just want them to reflect on how much prejudice they cause to their beloved relatives, co-workers and friends.

You can quit. This is the right time to say good bye to this addiction, with no coming back. There are a lot of examples, why do not we follow them? How many things will we avoid if we through cigarettes away.

Let us be aware, if there are habits causing cracks, we can not act nonchalantly, if you insist on lighting up the cigarette, and then pay for the smoke its damage. Give it a second thought: smoke and nicotine, What for?