Zelaya Returning to Honduras

Zelaya Returning to HondurasTegucigalpa, May 28. -Thousands of Hondurans are ready to welcome Saturday former president Manuel Zelaya, who is returning to the country almost two years after the coup that toppled his government on June 28, 2009. Since yesterday followers were readying a square close to the Tontontín airport for the huge rally.

The square was named after Isis Obed Murillo, a young man who was assassinated by the security forces on July 5th, 2009, in a demonstration of support for Zelaya when the ousted president was trying to return to the country.

Since the early hours of Saturday people were already gathering in the square for the welcoming event that has been organized by the National Front of People's Resistance (FNRP, for its Spanish acronym).

The organization that will be registered as a political party according to the Cartagena de India agreements asked the army and the police to clear up the streets leading to the airport so that the people can freely come to welcome the former president.

Tens of thousands of union members, farmers and land workers, members of indigenous communities, progressive politicians and representatives from other sectors grouped in the FNRP will mobilize from all departments of the country to the airport.

"The return of Zelaya is the first important triumph of all the people in resistance", said Gilberto Ríos, one of the FNRP leader. (Prensa Latina)