Circus returns to Santa Cruz del Sur

Circus returns to Santa Cruz del SurSanta Cruz del Sur, May 20. –A small cast, member of the Buscando el Futuro(Looking for the Future) Nacional Circus Company was in Souther  Camaguey during the Whole week, as part of the program of activities that initiated four months ago in Santa Clara, showing how sane recreation can easily be inserted in the relaxation of the society.

Young people Leonardo Pelé Yero (entertainer and representative), José Ramón Mojena Álvarez (juggler), Yoandri Reyes Cruz (tightrope walker), and Yuniel Cañizares Pérez (acrobat) are able to keep the audience watching the 1: 30 hours show.

The circus returns to Santa Cruz del Sur. All performances were very successful, with full attendance to the Najasa Theatre. The repated rounds of applauses from the seats represent the acknowledgement to the work done by these new values belonging to the stage arts from Sancti Spiritus Province.

Juggling turned to be very exciting, the duet of strength and acrobatics, the movements of the balancing acts, acrobatics and the intrepid fire-eater, highlighting the constant interactions with the audience, mainly with the kids, who laughed a lot with the funny style of the clowns Tomatico and Pintila.
According to the plan, the circus also visited several Popular Councils in Southern Camagüey in order tos ay good bye and leave for Sibanicú, Jimaguayú and Cascorro, and to stop in Guaimaro by the end of the month.

Looking for the Future began the Tour in Esmeralda, and it has been welcomed by the residents of other communities from Camagüey where thay have already performed. When they say good bye to Camaguey Province they will stay for a long time in Las Tunas, where they are going to wait for the surprise of the summer.

Santiago Santacruz
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