Fidel, Raul Castro Congratulate Cuban Physicians in Haiti

Fidel, Raul Castro Congratulate Cuban Physicians in HaitiHavana, May 16. -The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, and President Raul Castro, congratulated the island´s medical brigade for its work in fighting the cholera epidemic in Haiti.

Cuba Vice President Esteban Lazo Hernandez, who led the island´s delegation to Haitian President Michel Martelly´s inauguration, moved the congratulation to 944 members of the brigade, Granma newspaper reported on Monday.

Lazo met with part of the Cuban health collaborators in the yard of the modern community hospital of Arcahaie, where he talked of the transcendence of the difficult Cuban medical mission that have saved life of 73,938 Haitians.

Cuban physicians have reaffirmed their commitment to do everything within their reach to improve health indicators of that impoverished nation and not to allow cholera takes strength.

The Cuban medical Brigade has passed 116 days without reporting any deceased in the hospitals under its responsibility. (Prensa Latina)