Raul Castro Sends Message to Cuban Combatants, People

Raul Castro Sends Message to Cuban Combatants, PeopleHavana, Apr 20. -Cuban President Raul Castro sent a message of congratulations and gratitude, published in this capital Wednesday, to each and every participant in the military and mass parade held April 16.

It was a march brimming with youth, in an irrefutable demonstration of support for the Cuban Revolution, Raul Castro stated.

Fifty years have passed since April 1961, when the people prepared to safeguard our greatest conquests, the president said.

Since then, millions of Cubans have defended the Socialist Homeland from diverse trenches, Raul Castro noted.

This April, honor should go from this historic Party Congress and on the respective commemorative dates, to the combatants of the Territorial Troop Militias, the Antiair Defense, the Revolutionary Armed Forces and the tank crewmen, Raul Castro said. (Prensa Latina)