Playa Giron: Beyond its Historical Moment in Cuba

Playa Giron: Beyond its Historical Moment in CubaHavana, Apr. 19. -The victory of Playa Giron, following the declaration of the socialist nature of the Cuban revolution in 1961, represented one of the decisive political factors of the period, and its significance goes beyond its historical moment.

On April 19, 1961, the Cuban troops led by revolutionary leader Fidel Castro Ruz fought relentlessly against the invaders, defeating the enemy at 17:30 local time.

A few days earlier, on Apr. 15, 1961, while the mercenary group was sailing towards Cuba escorted by U.S. Navy ships, eight B-26 fighter jets painted with Cuban Air Force emblems bombed two military air bases and a civilian airport on the island.

There was no surprise at the funeral for the victims of the bombings when Fidel Castro warned of the imminent threat of an invasion and proclaimed the socialist nature of the Revolution.

Fidel's statements on Apr. 16, 1961 are still valid today: "What the imperialists cannot forgive is the dignity, the courage, the ideological strength, the spirit of sacrifice and the revolutionary nature of the Cuban people."

The landing of the mercenary 2506 Brigade in Cuba began on April 17 and had similar characteristics to U.S. amphibious assault forces. The enemy group was formed by about 1,500 armed men, tanks, and campaign artillery.

The Cuban forces included members of the Rebel Army and the National Revolutionary Police, but most of them were volunteer militia members with poor combat experience. (Prensa Latina)