Cuba Highlights Need to Use All Legal Means for The Five

Cuba Highlights Need to Use All Legal Means for The FiveHavana, Mar 30. -The President of the National Assembly of Peopleâ�Ös Power of Cuba, Ricardo Alarcon, said it is necessary to use all legal means possible in the appeal process of The Five anti-terrorist Cuban fighters held in US prisons since 1998.

Gerardo Hernandez, Rene Gonzalez, Ramon Labanino, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando Gonzalez are serving harsh sentences, including double life plus 15 years, for informing about criminal plans of anti-Cuban groups based in Florida.

According to the television news program, the memorandum presented in the case of Antonio Guerrero requests the annulment of the trial and focuses on certain aspects, including the US government manipulation of evidence.

Alarcon said that the US Government failed to provide all the evidence it had. It concealed, manipulated and distorted the evidence, he said.

The second very important aspect of the document, he said, is that this same government that excluded most evidence that would have benefited the defendants, organized a real plot against them through Miami-based media.

Alarcon explained that according to reports, since 2006 the federal government had paid tens of thousands of dollars to journalists who launched the campaign against The Cuban Five during the trial.

Iâ�Öm referring not only to the media campaign, but also to those who harassed the members of the jury, threatened lawyers and staged provocations even in the halls of the building of the court.

The memorandum gives details of the names and the amounts of money paid to those journalists, who were in charge of influencing public opinion in and out of Miami. (Prensa Latina)