Charms of the Countryside; Art and Cuban Tobaccos

Charms of the Countryside; Art and Cuban TobaccosPinar del Río, Cuba, Mar 30. -Tobacco and the "decima", a ten-line stanza poem, two symbols of the Cuban countryside, are embraced in a project named Charms of my countryside, promoted by famed tobacco grower, Hector Luis Prieto.

Without a sense of vanity, the youngest of the so called Habano Men receives children from nearby schools who learn about agronomy as well as song and fine arts.

This is a beautiful experience; I wanted to give the community something for the young children and teach them not only about the harvest but also drawing and singing songs, all based on the countryside, our true identity, pride of the farmer, he told Prensa Latina.

In a San Juan and Martinez farm alongside plots of the aromatic tobacco plants, students learn the secrets of the typical crops of the region.

In a Caney (hut) built of wood and palm leaves the group of children draw or discover the magic of improvisation.

The idea is not strange at all, tobacco also has its culture, the campesino assures.

Charms of my countryside (conuco-indigenous word signifying small parcels of land) are now another attraction of Quemado de Rubi where the plants have been grown for centuries.

Dozens of neighbors and visitors visit the plantations of the campesino daily, awarded with the title of Habano Man 2008 at only 35 years of age.

¿My grandfather taught me to plant and love this work that endowed me with experience to obtain good results¿, he said.

The most important factor in this craft, he assures, is constancy and love that yields you an abundant harvest of top quality.

Tobacco has been a sister of the men of the countryside when they feel the aroma of Cuban habanos, he declared. (Prensa Latina)