Documentary on US Subversive Plans vs. Cuba to Air Tonight

Documentary on US Subversive Plans vs. Cuba to Air TonightHavana, Mar 7. -The documentary "Verdades y principios" (Truths and principles), about declassified files on subversive U.S. plans for Cuba, will be screened Monday on Cuban television.

As part of the series "Las razones de Cuba" (Cuba's reasons), which is also the name of the website where the announcement was posted, the documentary will be broadcast at 20:30 local time on the Cubavision and Cubavision Internacional channels.

The film features the testimony of a Cuban State Security agent who proves how the United States organizes illegal information networks in Cuba for the transmission and reception of coded data.

Also included is a speech by the director of the North America department for the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Josefina Vidal, who stated that the U.S. subversive policy has been a permanent instrument of pressure against the island's government during these past 50 years. (Prensa Latina)