[:es]Important Cuban Participation in Peruvian Book Fair[:]


Lima, Jul 31.-Cuban writers and editors are taking part in the International Book Fair of Lima, Peru, presenting nearly 400 titles of books and booklets, said here the head of the Cuban delegation, expert Oswaldo Padron.


Padron, also the director of Cuban JOSE MARTI Editorial Office, told Prensa Latina that the Cuban pavillion in the Fair includes a wide range of national productions in literature, social sciences and other topics.

The Cuban pavillion offers 386 book titles, Cuban music CDs and DVDs, handicrafts and flash memories (USB) with multimedia productions, with representatives from editorial houses SOL CUBANO, Pueblo y Educacion and CITMATEL.

As part of the Cuban presence, Padron also mentioned the participation of Cuban narrator Ahmel Echavarria and essay writer Roberto Mendez, Alejo Carpentier Literary Award winners in 2017.

Meanwhile, Padron invited the authors and editors from Peru and from several countries in Latin America, Europe and Africa attending the event, to participate in the 28th International Book Fair of Havana in 2019 and gave a presentation on the event.

The International Book Fair of Havana will have seven sub-offices in cultural venues of the Cuban capital that will present literary, artistic and academic events.

This year will be dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Cuban revolution and the 500th anniversary of the founding of Havana, which Historic Center is a World Heritage Site, by UNESCO’s declaration.

He also reported that the fair receives 500 guests each year, including exhibitors and professionals, representing 32 countries and during its development it averages 415,000 visitors and records an average sales of 430,000 volumes.(Prensa Latina)