Cuba Exhibits Paleontological Treasures

Cuba Exhibits Paleontological TreasuresPinar del Rio, Cuba, Mar 2. -Fossils found in Geda cave, one of the best preserved paleontological deposits of Cuba, will be exhibited at the Museum of Natural History in this city, along with photographs and scientific notes.

The exhibition to be open on March 25, includes fragments of rodents, amphibians and mammals, mostly extinct, told museologist Yamile Martinez to Prensa Latina.

As part of the exhibition, a sort of replica of the cave will be presented, made with the papier mache technique.

The fluvial cave is part of Sierra Guasasa River, in Viñales, and has a linear development of 5,000 meters, extension that makes it the longest in the system.

Together with its abundant secondary formations, in the cave stand out relics as the remains of Megalocnus Rodens, a species of bear that lived on the island in ancient times, said speleologist Llano Raudel.

Recent researches reveal the existence of fossils of five species of rodents, one of insectivores, another one of amphibians and fragments of unidentified birds.

Del Llano stated the discoveries related to the bats are of great interest, whose fossil are in the best condition. (Prensa Latina)