Caribe Cooling Center from Santa Cruz del Sur in the vanguard

With the second place in the provincial emulation for the July 26th, the staff of the Caribe Cooling Center in Santa Cruz del Sur, belonging to Camaguey Dairy Products Enterprise, reaffirmed their vanguard work inside this economic field.To achieve such goal, these workers are ruled by a group of parameters among we can find discipline, fulfilment of the month productive plans, good hygiene, and the duty guard.

One of the achievements of this prominent staff is that there has been no crime or stealing in 15 years, which guarantees the good work of the duty guards and the sense of belonging of its members.

The carrying out of morning meetings every Friday, where achievements, deficiencies and difficulties are assessed, are some of the strategies implemented to keep a good work in the Caribe Cooling Center in Southern Camaguey. These strategies guarantee a production progress in the dairy for those demanding this important food. (Hugo Betancourt Mayoral/ Radio Santa Cruz)