Cuba Calls for Binding Agreements to End Nuclear Threat

Cuba Calls for Binding Agreements to End Nuclear ThreatGeneva, Mar 1. -Cuba on Tuesday called attention to a proposal by the Non-Aligned Movement establishing a concrete calendar for the gradual reduction of nuclear arms for their total elimination by 2025.

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Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez referred to the issue when addressing the UN Conference on Disarmament taking place in Geneva, where he provided details of the NAM initiative.

The proposal includes the creation of Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones, and calls for their establishment in the Middle East, where Israel is the only country against them, he said.

"Achieving this would mean a true contribution to ending war threats and the proliferation of nuclear arms. It would also mean attaining a lasting peace in that region, which is going through convulsive situations and facing the danger of a NATO military intervention in Libya," Rodriguez said.

"The only way to guarantee that nuclear arms can no longer be used by the United States or any other country is by banning and eliminating them. This should also apply to cutting-edge conventional weapons that are similarly destructive," Rodriguez said.

The diplomat also said it was imperative to end the political manipulation of the issue of non-proliferation based on double standards and political interests.

At another point in his speech, the minister noted that Cuba supports the implementation of a Working Program at the Disarmament Conference.

Regarding that, he said Cuba has repeatedly stated that it is ready to negotiate a binding agreement that bans and eliminates nuclear arms. (Prensa Latina)