Venezuelan Socialists Begin Campaign for Unity

Venezuelan Socialists Begin Campaign for UnityCaracas, Feb 16. – The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) began its "agitation and propaganda" campaign Wednesday with the slogan "Those who want a homeland, come with me!"

The socialists will be implementing several initiatives until February 18, with the objective of spreading the call made made by the top PSUV leader, President Hugo Chavez, for unity and the construction of the socialist homeland.

This is part of the campaign taking place in the context of the discussion of the Strategic Lines of Political Action.

The third of the five guidelines indicates that the PSUV should recover "the idea of propaganda, understood as a powerful mobilizing factor, using its production, reproduction and distribution as an element for the activation and permanent moralization of our forces."

The five PSUV strategic lines involve moving from a capitalist political culture to socialist militance, which President Chavez says it is the most important, difficult, and necessary for understanding the other concepts.(Prensa Latina)