Paraguayan Delegation Participates in Cuban Book Fair

Paraguayan Delegation Participates in Cuban Book Fair Asuncion, Feb 15. – A delegation of Paraguayan intellectuals will participate in the 2011 Cuban International Book, informed the national culture secretary.

The last details were set on Monday during a meeting with the directors of Cultural industries, Victoria Figueredo and of Creation and Diversity, Ana Melo.

A press release by the culture institution indicated that the delegation is made up of writers and filmmakers who have a broad agenda during the Cuban book fair.

Activities include conferences, poetry readings, meeting with writers and intellectuals and an exhibition of Paraguayan films brought by filmmaker Agu Netto.

The release reports that reference production linked to the Bicentennial of National Independence will be celebrated on May 14 and 15 and will have a noteworthy presence in the 2011 Cuban Book Fair.

Conferences will include "Paraguay, a Guarani word", "Jose Marti and Paraguay – social Poetry of Paraguay," and "Poetry as a space for freedom in Paraguayan womenâ�Ös literature."

Also presented are "Ediciones Ura, tranversal, a case, Hearing Project;" "Cultural Underground Experiences in the past years" and "Validity By Rafael Barrett – Metamorphosis of Modernity," on the poetry and narrative written by Barrett, Herib Campos Cervera, Josefina Pla, Gabriel Casaccia and Augusto Roa Bastos."(Prensa Latina)