Cuba-USA Scientific Event in Havana

Havana, Dec 14. -Cuban and U.S. experts meet in this capital on Wednesday to seek opportunities for cooperation in research on biological and environmental sciences, enabling technologies, and scientific policy.Today's agenda includes the visit to diverse centers and institutions related to the subject of the forum, among them the Institute of Meteorology, the National Aquarium, and the Molecular Immunology Center.

Sponsored by the Academy of Sciences of Cuba (ACC) and the American Association for the Advance of Sciences (AAAS), about 40 executives from study centers and researchers from both countries are attending the event.

This concerns a consultation among representatives from scientific communities, and includes specialized sessions to discuss specific projects, with the objective to create a report on joint work possibilities, organizers stated.

Links between Cuba and the United States could not be obstructed by U.S. sectors that insist on maintaining the communities separated and it will be positive that visitors learn the scientific and social-economic problems of the island. (Prensa Latina)