Five Superhighways in Ecuador for 2014

Five Superhighways in Ecuador for 2014 Quito, Jan 31. – The Ecuadoran government expects to complete at least five superhighways by 2014 with an investment of five billion USD, President Rafael Correa announced.

Studies to build these highways will begin this year, because it is time Ecuador enters the twenty-first century in terms of highways, the president said in his regular Saturday report, this time from Pisulli district, northwest of the capital.

The five superhighways will link the cities of Machala-Guayaquil (south) to Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas (center), Santo Domingo and Esmeraldas (north), Guayaquil- Milagro-Manta (on the coast); Manta-Portoviejo-Quevedo and Tulcan (north) with Riobamba (center).

According to the Ministry of Transportation and Public Works, the government spent 3.3 million USD in highway works during Correa's four years of office, from 2007 to 2010, an achievement recognized even by his most recalcitrant opponents.(Prensa Latina)