Unity for a More Just Venezuela, Says Chavez

Unity for a More Just Venezuela, Says Chavez Caracas, Jan 30. – President Hugo Chavez said that only with the unity of revolutionary forces will the country be able to advance towards a more just society.

Chavez urged members of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, allied parties and social movements and women's, students' and farmers' organizations to form what he called a Gran Polo Patrotico, or patriotic broad front.

He made the call in the context of discussions on the PSUVâ�Ös Five Strategic Lines for Political Action, which will govern the work of the countyâ�Ös main political force during 2011-2012.

The top PSUV leader said that the first line of the text, which calls for going beyond "the capital political culture to socialist militancy," is essential for the success of the remaining four lines and stressed that socialists have to arm themselves with ethical values and renounce the vices of the Fourth Republic.

He said that the socialists must set a good example, make the peopleâ�Ös problems their own, and demand solutions from the relevant authorities.

Nationwide discussions of the five strategic lines started on Friday, for collecting proposals for a final document to be presented on March 4 in a National Plenary to be presided over by Chavez.

The president says their materialization is key to facing challenges for the nation, including general elections in December 2012.(Prensa Latina)