Cuban Parliament Asks for Solidarity with Puerto Rico

Cuban Parliament Asks for Solidarity with Puerto RicoHavana, Dec 23. -Three of the 12 permanent commissions of the Cuban Parliament asked the world´s legislators to support the cause of Puerto Rican university students, repressed while protesting higher enrollment fees.

In a statement published Wednesday in Juventud Rebelde newspaper, human rights organizations and parliaments of the world were urged to demand an end to police repression and guaranteed personal safety of the demonstrators.

Noting that the situation of the university students is not a isolated event, the Cuban assembly members recalled that, in recent years, Puerto Rican students have had to protest similar acts of injustice and have been repressed and imprisoned.

"We consider it an essential duty to denounce the terrible situation these students are facing," noted the communiqué, which also denounced that the police response is backed by the Puerto Rican colonial authorities. (Prensa Latina)