A Camagüey-based Drama Company Gains Prestige in Cuba’s World of Theatre

A Camagüey-based Drama Company Gains Prestige in Cuba’s World of Theatre Camagüey, June 22 – Teatral Teatro, a theatre group which belongs to the Provincial Council of Performing Arts, does not stop its creative work. On the contrary, it has managed to keep its repertoire intact, improve it and be known countrywide thanks to the quality of its actors and actresses, and to the content of its plays.

Playwright and general director Onel Ramírez Morgado stated that the group has performed for children and adults in diverse stages over the last few years.

We have presented “Una historia sin nombre”, “Aunque todo el cuerpo muera”, “Luz Marina o La Maldición de los Dioses”, “Mister Soul”, “Carnicería” and “Solos”, plays that reflect the current reality of the island nation.

Ramírez Morgado stated that further on they will premiere “Antígona” by Cuban writer Reinaldo Montero and inspired on the ancient Greek drama, specifically on one of the works pertaining to the Theban tragedies by Sophocles.

Morgado’s work proposes an up-to-date look at issues such as the exercise of power and the defence of spiritual values above earthly laws.

From September on, the theatre group will have a new venue and it will be located at 29 San Ramón St., at present there is a workshop at the place.   

This group has put on the stage works by Cuban and foreign playwrights such as Virgilio Piñera, Federico García Lorca, Anton Chejov and Ulises Rodríguez Febles, among others. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).