Correa Asks PAIS Movement to Begin New Stage in Ecuador

Correa Asks PAIS Movement to Begin New Stage in EcuadorGuayaquil, Ecuador, Nov 15. -The Ecuadorian Patria Libre I Soberana (PAIS) movement begins a new stage on Monday, one in which it must organize its national structures, strengthen its unity, and immediately open the membership process.

The first National Convention of the party, which ended Sunday, elected its historic leaders Rafael Correa and Lenin Moreno as president and vice president of the movement.

The meeting also ratified the character of the group as a movement and not a political party, in an open vote.

After a two-day debate at the Voltaire Paladines Coliseum, the Convention approved Galo Mora as executive secretary, and Mora said he would accept his responsibility "without betraying the left wingâ�Ös convictions."

The movement's national leadership comprises eleven men and an equal number of women.

Now that is has been agreed "what we are, what we want, and how we will do it," the membership process is ready to begin Monday, with the goal of welcoming over one million members, he said.

"Alianza País is an instrument of the people's dreams and hopes. The great challenge ahead is to have an organized, strong, efficient movement," Correa said in closing remarks. (Prensa Latina)