Attackers Burn 2 NATO Tankers in Pakistan

Attackers Burn 2 NATO Tankers in PakistanIslamabad, Oct 30. -Unknown armed attackers burned two tankers carrying fuel for NATO troops in Afghanistan in two separate attacks on Friday in southwestern Pakistan.

The DawnNews television reported that one of the incidents took place on the outskirts of Quetta, Balochistan's main city, where two men on motorcycle stopped a NATO tanker and set fire to it after forcing the driver and his assistant to leave the truck.

The second attack occurred in Baghbana, also in Balochistan, although in this case the vehicle's driver died and a 12-year-old was injured by gunfire.

Although no one claimed responsibility for the two attacks, both were apparently perpetrated by Islamic rebels operating in Pakistan, through which most supplies travel before reaching 150,000 foreign troops deployed in Afghanistan.

Two weeks ago, the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) warned it would continue harassing NATO convoys until US unmanned planes stop bombing the Pakistani territory.

In the last two months, NATO has lost about 200 tankers while going through Pakistan. (Prensa Latina)