Raul Castro Closed 9th Session of Cuban Parliament

Raul Castro Closed 9th Session of Cuban ParliamentHavana, Cuba, Jul 24.- In his closing remarks at the 9th Session of the Cuban Parliament, President Raul Castro called for the advancement of the country’s sustainable development, he reiterated the decision to progressively update the Cuban migration policy and stressed the international rejection of Washington’s hostile Cuba policy.

Addressing the plenary session at Havana’s Convention Hall, Raul Castro stressed the need begin planning the country’s sustainable development and the resources and infrastructure needed to achieve the goal, based on a rational, deep and optimistic approach.

In this regard, he said that the implementation of the country’s economic guidelines also include the planning of the foundations of such long-term program.

Raul recalled several aspects dealt with during the session such as the country’s 2.1 percent economic growth in the first half of 2012, the recovery tendency of the sugar cane sector despite the negative impact by delays, lack of organization and inefficient industrial readiness for the harvest. He also mentioned the increase of foreign visitors, growing exports over imports, the stable internal financial balance, and the acceptable performance of the state budget.

He said the principles of a new monetary policy have been studied, which lay the foundations to undertake the most significant transformations in the economic system.

The changes will continue to take place with determination, serenity and courage, and avoiding strategic mistakes. He said the Revolution will not leave any citizen on her or his own, which he exemplified with the recent allocation of 110 million pesos to subsidize persons who needed to carry out construction works.

Migratory Policy

The Cuban President reiterated the government’s determination to progressively carry out the updating of its migration policy. “Today I ratify the will of the State and the (Communist) Party leadership to undertake the reformulation of regulations currently in force in this field to proceed to their progressive implementation,” said Raul in his closing remarks.

“In my two latest speeches at the Parliament I addressed the updating of the migration policy, an issue that has not been put into the background at all,” he noted, and went on to add that deep analysis on the subject is still underway to achieve gradual relaxation of the policy, bearing in mind all collateral effects and the international scenario.

The US’s Hostile Cuba Policy

The Cuban President stressed that the US hostile policy of Cuba, marked by its economic war and subversion had never before been that strongly rejected by the nations of the world as it is now.

The reiterated and overwhelming claim at the United Nations against the US policy is being joined by the unanimous position adopted by Latin America and the Caribbean, as it was expressed at the recent Summit of the Americas, held in Colombia.

Raul denounced the US conspiracy with national oligarchies in the region against progressive governments committed to the legitimate claims of social justice and sovereignty over their national resources.

The most recent parliamentary coup perpetrated in Paraguay exposes that such conspiracy continues to exist, although the classical coups of the past are now carried out in a different way.

At present, there are destabilization-oriented plans against Venezuela related to next October presidential elections, said Raul and he went on to ratify Cuba’s support of the Venezuelan people and their leader Hugo Chavez.

The Cuban head of state also referred to recent developments in Northern Africa and the Middle East, which prove that the United States and its European allies are openly promoting the overthrow of sovereign governments.

“Just a few days ago, the firm stance of Russia and China at the UN Security Council closed the doors to a draft resolution designed to pave the way for a military invasion against Syria,” he noted.

Raul Castro said that Cuba supports the right of the Syrian people to self-determination and sovereignty, without foreign intervention. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).