Santa Cruz del Sur citizens join the economic battle

From his sales outlet in Santa Cruz del Sur, a small farmer exhibits several products, which have a great appearance and acceptance by the people. Masalberto Mariño Álvarez is aware of the objectives of the lineaments of the Social-Economic Policy of the Cuban Communist Party, so as to win the economic battle, but we must all be involved. There can not be parasites in this Revolution; everyone can contribute to this country in commensurate with their possibilities.

As Raúl said, food is a national security mater, and then we have to produce more food, and to sell products at a reasonable price. Work honours us, distinguishes us. Being honest is the greatest virtue.

“We need to build a harmonic society, just and equitable”, said Aleida Carrero Vasconcelos, a foreign currency collector Shop saleswoman. “It is important every product has quality. The battle has began, each one of us from our workplaces. We live proud of the society we have built, it is easy to give a little bit more from ourselves, because what can not and wil not ever happen is that we destroy ourselves because of our own mistakes. It is a patriotic commitment to serve our  revolution”