U.S. Economic Blockade Hits Cuban Agriculture

U.S. Economic Blockade Hits Cuban Agriculture Havana, Sep 27. – The U.S.-imposed economic, trade and financial blockade on Cuba almost 50 years ago is an obstacle to the development of the Cuban agriculture.

Cuban company QUIMIMPORT, responsible for supplying fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides for that sector, could purchase many of those products in the U.S. market if that prolonged Washington position would not exist.

According to a report on Resolution 65/6 of the UN General Assembly entitled "The Necessity of Ending the Economic, Commercial, and Financial Blockade Imposed by the United States of America against Cuba," it was unable to import Diamonic Phosphate (DAP) directly from the United States.

Such situation was due to the supplier's compliance with the blockade.

Finally, the company had to import DAP from other markets for an additional cost of 197,600 USD, the document states.

Despite intensive and increasing demands from the international community to the U.S. government for a change towards Cuba, President Barack Obama has maintained intact that policy, the text recalls.

The blockade also violates the International Law, is contrary to the UN principles, and is a transgression to development and security of a sovereign State, the resolution notes.

It is in essence and objectives, an act of unilateral aggression and a permanent threat to the stability of a country, the document states.(Prensa Latina)