Rescue of Chilean Miners is Hours Away

Rescue of Chilean Miners is Hours Away Santiago de Chile, Oct 12. – Tension was growing in Chile as the rescue operation of the 33 trapped miners was less than 24 hours away, an unprecedented action in the history of world mining.

The successful reinforcement the escape shaft and test runs of the "Phoenix" capsule that will take the miners to the surface back the estimates of Chilean authorities, who predicted the rescue would take place on Wednesday at 00:00 (local time).

That was confirmed by Mining Minister Laurence Golborne, who described with satisfaction the successful tests of the Phoenix.

During the trials, the capsule moved without swinging or dust, both before and after reinforcement of the shaft, Golborne stated.

According to the scheduled program, on Wednesday at midnight, four rescue personnel, including two experienced miners and two male nurses, will go down to the mine to support the workers when the time comes to bring them up, Minister of Health Jaime Mañalich confirmed.(Prensa Latina)