Cuba advances in adverse context according to Economy Minister

Havana, Dec 20.- Cuba shows progress and will continue to grow in different spheres in 2020 amid the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States for almost six decades.


The economy will not decrease and the positive results constitute a victory against this hostile Washington policy, stressed Minister of Economy and Planning, Alejandro Gil, in the plenary prior to the Fourth Ordinary Period of Sessions of the Ninth Legislature of the National Assembly of People’s Power (Cuban Parliament).

Our economy shows signs of vitality and by 2020 we will follow basic premises such as prioritizing the entry of hard currency, and bear in mind that we cannot spend more than what receive, so there must be a balance, Gil stressed in Havana’s International Conference Center.

He noted that it is important to analyze what goods and services can be exported, and guarantee the purchase of food for humans and animals, as well as fuel for industry and agriculture.

In the coming year it is vital to stop importing what can be produced in the country, we must exploit the installed capacities, look positively at the national industry so that quality products can be obtained, he said.

We must adjust to the plan, the resources available to avoid indebtedness, in fact we will pay the debts incurred, Gil noted. (Prensa Latina)