Prominent work by cederist areas in Southern Camaguey

Prominent work by cederist areas in Southern CamagueySanta Cruz del Sur, Oct 8. – The Committees for the Defense of the Revolution of the 45 and 48 zones, belonging to the ArroyoBlanco Popular Council in this southern municipality placed an important roll in the tasks historically Developped as a mass organization.

Both zones are in the vanguard concerning the contributions, the finances delivered to the municipality to the 100 percent since last January.

Likewise the cederist guard is at 85 percent of the fulfillment, and they are working in order to achieve the main objective of the group, which is, the revulutionary surveillance.

Today, the cederists from this zones are doing their best to ameliorate the organization work of each committee, in order to make this community an impregnable bastion of the Revolution. (Hugo Betancourt Mayoral/ Radio Santa Cruz)