Correa Denounces Assembly Members Support to the Coup Attempt

Correa Denounces Assembly Members Support to the Coup AttemptQuito, Oct 8. -Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa claims to be certain that the members of the National Assembly plotted to overthrow the government, but rejected to implement, for now, the so-called "crossed death" to dissolve its body.

Correa pointed out that they erased the videos recorded by the Parliament's security cameras, but did not know about the existence of a backup copy in this organ's presidency that was handed over for the district attorney's office to carry out the appropriate investigations.

"We have evidence that the Legislative escort were following the orders of Gilmar Gutierrez, assembly member of the Patriotic Society Party and brother of former President Lucio Gutierrez, since he was supporting this coup attempt with his actions", Correa pointed out.

The president also denounced the support of this Party, which was "financed by opposition groups" and, even though the government has no proof, Correa believes that some US NGOs and Ecuadorian right-wing groups also financed the coup attempt.

Minister of the Interior Gustavo Jalkh reported that the district attorney's office ordered the arrest of 46 members of the national police, who are involved with the coup events. (Prensa Latina)