Bolivian President Rejects U.S Blockade of Cuba

Bolivian President Rejects U.S Blockade of CubaLa Paz, Sep 29. -Bolivian President Evo Morales rejects the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States on Cuba for the last 50 years.

"It is a hostile policy destined to fail", he said.

At a press conference at Quemado Palace, Morales recognized the struggle of the Caribbean Island against the limitations caused by the blockade, maintained by a series of U.S. administrations.

He also praised Cuba's development of public safety and social programs, among others.

Morales also praised the demonstrated capacity of the Cuban government and its people to resist complex situations such as in the 1990s, known as the special period.

The demand for the end of the U.S blockade against Cuba is at the center of the current session of the UN General Assembly, which on October 26, for the 19th year in a row, will vote on a new resolution calling for the end of the blockade.

In 2009, 187 countries, included Bolivia, voted against the blockade, in the highest-ever vote in that respect since 1991. Just three countries voted in favor of the blockade — the USA, Israel and Palau, while two abstained — the Marshall Islands and Micronesia. (Prensa Latina)