Cooperative Farm in Vertientes, Camagüey, Leads Production of Rice

Cooperative Farm in Vertientes, Camagüey, Leads Production of RiceVertientes, Camagüey, Aug 25. – For the third year running, the Manuel Ascunce Domenech Credit and Service Cooperative (CCS) has collected more than 4600 metric tons of rice in the municipality of Vertientes, some 26 km south-west of the city of Camagüey.

The will of the members of this cooperative farm is clear due to the support they have been giving to the import substitution programme, in which they are a front-runner in producing this cereal in Cuba.

They have been working in over 800 hectares of land this year, where they manage to produce 48.95 metric tons per caballeria (13.4 hectares), a figure proving the dedication and experience of the rice farmers in Vertientes.

These farm hands, many of them favored by the granting of land plots in free usufruct, are working on fields located in El Alazán, Laguna de Guano, La Lima and El Cenizo.

At the moment this CCS is involved in a project that will allow doubling the sowing of this cereal, which is a sought-after food iterm by all Cubans. (Fernando Capote Taño/ Radio Vertientes).