Cuban-Angolan Cooperation Praised

Cuban-Angolan Cooperation Praised Luanda, Feb 12. – The president of the Angolan National Assembly, Antonio Paulo Kassoma, said cooperation between Cuba and Angola are very important for the economic and social development of both nations.

In statements to Prensa Latina, the government leader stated that Cuba fought alongside the African people for the independence of Angola, and Angola has now the responsibility to support Cuba.

Cuba is a country that has made great progress in the areas of technology and scientific research, and Angola needs such knowledge for its development, he said.

Angola wants to share more of our knowledge with Cuba, so that the progress of both states becomes harmonious and sustainable, he said.

Relations between Havana and Lwanda were established on November 15, 1975 and since then more than 8,000 young Angolans have become professionals in the Caribbean country.

More than 2,600 Cuban collaborators are in Angola providing assistance in areas such as education, health and construction, among others, according to corporate data.(Prensa Latina)