A Year to Remember John Lennon

A Year to Remember John LennonHavana, Sep 28. – The significance of former Beatle John Lennon acquires a new repercussion in the 70th anniversary of his birth, a year that the world of music pays tribute to his contributions and legacy.

Tributes have been many so far, two months before the end of a year that can be qualified as "The Year of John Lennon", during which institutions, collectors, record companies and artists have organized activities to remember Lennonâ�Ö s life and work.

Japanese artist Yoko Ono and widow of one of the founders of the Beatles, the most popular band in history, asked popular singer Lady Gaga to participate in a concert next October 2 in Orpheum Theatre in L.A along with Iggy Pop, RZA, Perry Farell, among others.

The collection "The John Lennon Signature Box" will be released next October 5. It has 8 original albums of the British singer remastered and accompanied by limited edition plates, personal articles and a book of 60 pages with photos, collages, poetry and other documents.

Artists like Cyndi Lauper, Jackson Browne and Patti Smith, among others, will close the celebration with a flourish, in a New York charity concert on November 12.

Born on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool, Lennon was key in the formation of the band that changed world music in the sixties and seventies until his life was taken on December 8, 1980. (Prensa Latina)