Obama Tries to Prevent Election Tsunami in November

Obama Tries to Prevent Election Tsunami in November Washington, Sep 20. – U.S. President Barack Obama is trying to prevent the possibility of an election tsunami during the November 2 congressional elections.

During a dinner on Saturday with the Congressional Black Caucus at the Convention Center, Obama concluded a week of contacts with minority advocates, a traditional source of support for the Democrats, USA Today reported.

The president tried to give a promising speech for the Caucus members, and asked them to "protect change," alluding to the midterm elections.

According to analysts, the president is making a deliberate effort to revive enthusiasm among a group that was decisive in his 2008 presidential win.

The latest surveys reveal that African-Americans are less motivated to go to the polls this year.

Figures from the 2009 census published on Thursday showed that the poverty rate and the number of the poor rose from 24.7 percent and 9.4 million, respectively, in 2008, to 25.8 percent and 9.9 million in 2009.(Prensa Latina)