Venezuelans to Request Obama Justice for Cuban Fighter

Venezuelans to Request Obama Justice for Cuban Fighter        Caracas, Aug 3. – Friends of Cuba in Venezuela will carry out a call to the US judicial system for an immediate assistance in favor of Cuban antiterrorist fighter and member of the Cuban Five Gerardo Hernandez, a prisoner in that country for 12 years now, whose health has seriously deteriorated.

In statements to Prensa Latina the coordinator of the Movement of Mutual Solidarity Venezuela-Cuba, Johnny García, pointed out that they will send a card to the US President, Barack Obama, and the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, with that and other birdcalls of justice.

"We make a call for the US government to give him specialized medical care, because they are already making enough damage to his mental stability with so many years of unfair imprisonment, without being able to see his own family," García stated.

The antiterrorist fighter is a prisoner since 2008, just like his partners Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino, René Gonzáaez and Fernando Gonzalez, was subjected to a very small cell next to another criminal, without ventilation, with high temperatures.

According to the Cuban Parliament president Ricardo Alarcon's accusations, Hernández requested medical assistance since last April to present problems of tension, as well as symptoms associated to a bacteria that affected the prison of Victorville, where he is.

In spite of this, the chiefs of the prison denied him treatment and sent him to a small cell called "the Hole", under conditions that, according to García, they violate the most elementary human rights, and they would scandalize the world if they were of public domain.

According with the coordinator of the movement of solidarity, their members will claim in the card that the Cuban fighter is returned to the penal population, grant a visa for his wife to visit him, which has been so many times denied, and justice, finally.

García announced that soon they will publish in the Venezuelan press an official statement.

The five Cuban antiterrorist fighters were detained in a haul in 1998, while they were monitoring the movements of terrorist groups based in Florida to avoid sabotage actions against their country.(Prensa Latina)