Iran Warns it Will Retaliate Inspection of Ships

Iran Warns it Will Retaliate Inspection of ShipsTeheran, Jun 28. -Iran warned it would retaliate inspection of its cargo ships as a result of recent sanctions approved in the United States parodying the Council of "Anti-Security."

The head of Maritime Transport of the Islamic Republic, Mohammad Hossein Dajmar, affirmed that "to protect its national interests Iran will insure the use of its legal rights and retaliate if an Iranian ship is inspected".

In statements to the state news agency, IRNA, Dajmar warned of the danger to the Persian nation the deployment of United States and Israeli war ship in the Persian Gulf allegedly to enforce a UN resolution.

He added that through many international measures all nations have the right to protect their territorial waters and intimated the possibility that "the nation can inspect ships suspected to confront those nations that support the sanctions."

Under strong pressure from Washington the Security Council approved, on June 9 a package of punitive measures against Teheran for its refusal to halt its nuclear program that it insists is for civilian use and includes enrichment of uranium.

The penalties include restricting development of maritime navigation and others such as the banking and military industry authorizing countries to supervise cargo ships that travel from or to Iran in its own territorial waters.

The Iranian religious hierarchy, for its part, attacked the UN for submitting to pressure of western powers while the Foreign Ministry confirmed sending letters to members of the Security Council protesting their support of the resolution.

A Muslim leader, Ayatollah Kazem Seddiqi, said during his prayers on Friday that he regretted the position of the world organization "that demonstrated it does not exist and that its Security Council is an anti-security council."

He emphasized that Iran will not only resist applications of these sanction but will also develop more resistance and solidarity to confront the growing hostility since the triumph of the Ayatollah revolution in 1979.

Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also expressed Friday his optimism for the future of the world stating that "domination of arrogant powers over other nations is withering out" that is also a dark page in history."

The commandant of the naval forces of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, Ali Fadavi, added that his country "will take the necessary measures of retaliation if a cargo ship destined to Iran is inspected by the West."  (Prensa Latina)