Cuban doctors in Italy help Calabria’s health system

Rome, Dec 31.-  ‘Our doctors have come to work together, united with their Italian colleagues, to help improve the situation of the health system in Calabria’, Mirta Granda, Cuban ambassador to this European nation said.
During a visit to the city of Catánzaro, capital of Calabria, the diplomat met with the president of that region, Roberto Occhiuto, who pointed out that ‘we are happy for the opportunity of having highly specialized doctors’, in reference to a health assistance agreement signed with the Caribbean country.

On December 28, 51 Cuban health professionals arrived in that southern Italian locality, part of the almost 500 specialists who will provide their services in Calabrian hospitals in the coming months, as part of an initiative which, according to Occhiuto, could be ‘a model also for other regions’ where they are needed.

Occhiuto, who also serves as health commissioner, clarified that this program ‘is an exceptional but fundamental emergency tool’ and said that the Cuban specialists ‘will have a one-year contract’ and will be assigned to the hospitals of Locri, Polistena, Gioia Tauro and Melito Porto Salvo.

(Taken from Prensa Latina)