USA: Another Attempt to Contain the Oil Slick

USA: Another Attempt to Contain the Oil Slick        Washington, Jun 2. -British Petroleum company (BP) and US specialists are trying on Wednesday to put an end, one more time, to the incontrollable oil slick that has been polluting the waters of the Gulf of Mexico since April 20.

After some failed attempts, including the capping of the leak with mud, the BP will try to cut the pipe using robots and then will seal the leak. This action is a complex operation that would diminish the oil slick in case it worked.

If everything works out, we would be able to contain the slick by Wednesday, BP's Chief Operating Officer Doug Suttles stated on Tuesday.

The oil company has been intensifying the oil spill cleanup to minimize the consequences of the disaster and it already spent around a billion dollars, according to spokesmen.

White House Energy Adviser Carol Browner expressed her concern since the forthcoming hurricane season can increase the magnitude of the disaster.

US President Barack Obama stated, some days ago, that the Minerals Management Service, which was in charge of supervising the extraction of the crude and controlling gas and oil explorations in the country, had been corrupted for years and, that same day, its director, Elizabeth Birnbaum, resigned.

The Deepwater Horizon rig's disaster should encourage a greater scrutiny regarding the oil drilling in deep waters, which is crucial for the future crude and natural gas supply to Americans, according to hearings carried out in commissions of the Senate.(Prensa Latina)