Chavez: New Opportunity for Ties with Colombia

Chavez: New Opportunity for Ties with Colombia        Caracas, May 28. -Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez suggested that with the Sunday elections in Colombia, new doors could be opened for the resumption of relations with that country.

During the inauguration last night of the socialist campaign command Bolivar 200, Chavez said he hopes the new Colombian president is a person open to dialogue and reach minimum agreements of mutual respect.

"I am looking forward to Sunday, and if there is a first-round win, I would be the first to make a phone call and greet the new Colombian president," he said.

One cannot maintain relations with a government like the current one in Colombia, which offers to support the empire attacking a neighbor country, Chavez sustained.

The president then referred to bilateral historic bonds, and affirmed Venezuela would never be at war with a sister nation.

In his speech, Chavez said he had no intentions of interfering other States' affairs, and mentioned the possibility of reaching agreements despite differences.

The Bolivar 200 command is a new structure within the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, aimed at drawing up strategies ahead of the September legislative elections. (Prensa Latina)